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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Cycling Through Melbourne's Hidden Places

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If London has Thames river, Melbourne reserve the right to be proud of Yarra river.  I like to sit around on the river side, to clear up my dreariness. But I won't sit for a long time this moment, because I'm gonna cycle around town with Real Melbourne Bicycle Tours!

Why cycling (around the town)? If you really need some reasons other than health purposes, well here you go: because walking around the city consumes more time and riding vehicles could give us hard time in find parking space. 

So don't worry, we don't need to brutally pedal nonstop, they make lots of happy stops, either for just staring down the shimmering bluestone laneways or just to grop some beautiful red leaves in the Fritzroy park! That's all? No, we'll get more than that excitement! 

The bicycle tour is guided by Murray Johnson, a journalist and photographer. He'd love to tell us some of historic stories, such as why Melbourne was formerly called Batmania (taken from one of the inventors name: John Batman) or why Lygon St. is known as little Italy (you have to find out by yourself!).

I couldn't hold myself to not sneaking around during breaks! Brunswick, Smith & Gertrude St are crowded by bohemian houses, street arts, bookstores, vintage stalls, ice cream shops, cafes and there's a barbershop that gives us an Aussie free beer for every haircut!

Books for Cooks, Gertrude St. for your cullinary business
An adorable eclectic cafe at Moor St: Grub Food Van!
Suddenly there's a banana tree!

There must be something special when the ice cream shop is full house on a cold day!
But Gelato Messiina's indeed delicious.

The Royal Exhibition, constructed in 1879-1880, added to the UNESCO world heritage list in 2007.
Carlton Gardens 26 acres

Cycling tips in Melbourne from Mr. Murray:

- Although there's a bike lane, watch out for parked cars. In several cases, a cyclist shoved by the driver or passenger who suddenly open the car door and fell. 
- Please keep cycling in line of the group, especially in crowded streets. It sounds easy, but I often tempted to cycle side by side with a friend for the sake of chatting or asking my friend to photograph me. Sorry, my bad! 
- While it's so exciting to see the beautiful city sights, it'd make us cycle slower and block other cyclist. So, please keep cycling in the moderate speed or make a full stop if you really need to.
- Be careful when cycling through a tram lane, it could make a bicycle wheel twisted. And I've proved it! So embarrassing as it squeaks loudly. Again, my bad.

Me & Mr. Murray Johnson

So get your own experience with Real Melbourne Bicycle Tours, please call +61 417 339 203 or e-mail & don't forget to share your story with me!

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