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Friday, October 24, 2014

10 writer-friendly cafes in Ubud

Supposedly, being a writer is about being mentally prepared for rejection. Either by publishers, readers or waiters.

Here's the case.
You're on vacation in Ubud, but you still have deadlines that can't be missed. As you open your laptop in public, people around you start giving you that bitchy stare like those “it” girls at school. You probably act like you don't care, but what you need is “workcation” amenities.

So, before rejection kills you, these writer-friendly cafes will help you relax to get down with your laptop and a cup of coffee to writing the first draft of a novel, sexy lyrics, a dirty diary or whatever you want to write.

But before we walk down the streets, let me give you my definition of a “writer-friendly cafĂ©”: varied prices ranging from cheapy to pricey in one location, relaxed waiters that still smile if you only order a single cup of coffee, comfortable seats and cozy from the couch to the gazebo and, of course, free WiFi -- hey, in the end we still need the Internet to send in our work, right?

If your head kept nodding while you read the above list, join me as I explore Ubud from the west.

( I wrote this article for The Jakarta Post Travel. So please continue reading here)

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